What is it we really want to do? A good question. Obviously we want to drive from Denmark to South Africa, but it's not the driving we are looking forward to - it's what we will experience on a trip through some of the most fascinating countries you could wish to see.

A lot of things have to be considered before starting out on a trip of this magnitude. Choice of vehicle, how should the vehicle be equipped and what will it cost, what do we need to take with us in and on the vehicle?

Then there is insurance for ourselves and the vehicle, paperwork (visas, maps, proof of ownership + import papers) which route will we attempt and what will it involve, both in the planning stage and the actual carrying out of the project - and what's more, how long are we going to be away?

What about the situation at home. How will we arrange things here?     








These questions only scratch the service, but you will be able to follow our attempts to answer them as our homepage progresses.


Looking at the map of Africa you would think there were countless ways of negotiating your way from North to South - there are, but few are accessible. Two things stand in your way. 1 - the shear geographical problems of getting through. 2 - the physical danger, because of war, terrorist activities, or political problems. It makes our choice easier though, because it really only leaves one feasible route open to us. Tunisia-Lybya-Egypt-Sudan-Ethiopia-Kenya-Tanzania -then hopefully every country further south. Sounds good don't you think!!!

The situation can change quite quickly though. People who know anything about the African continent know that the Africa of today is not necessarily the Africa of tomorrow. Wish us luck. You can follow our progress during the next few months under planning and vehicle.