As part of our planning operation, we had to decide, once we had packed all the vehicle equipment - what about our day to day living? Food, utensils, cooking equipment and what about everything you need during a normal day. I know you cannot call Africa a normal day, but we need to have everything with us we are likely to need  and then find a place for it which doesn't get in the way of anything else!!!

We decided this was Karen's responsibility. Pheeeew!!! Thank god I didn't have to solve that jig-saw.

No sooner said than done. The impossible job starts to seem possible. Hope we can remember where all the stuff is!!!
Paperwork - Much time has been devoted into getting the vehicle ready for the trip, but the paperwork involved with such a trip is nearly just as time consuming.

Insurance both for the vehicle and ourselves, permission to import/export the vehicle into all countries in Africa, road tax, freighting the vehicle to Capetown + insurance while being transported, "carte gris" international certificate for vehicle and copies of everything under the sun. These are just some of the things you have to get your head around.

Carnet de Passage

Each country in Africa will expect you to pay import duty when bringing the vehicle into their country. You of course get it back again when you leave the country, but the whole concept of doing this every time you arrive and depart, especially with the amount of money involved, is a none starter. This is where the "carnet" comes into its own. It is issued in the country where the vehicle is registered, and in our case involves a 22,000 DKr bank guarantee for its issue. It allows you to temporarily import the vehicle throughout you trip. If you sell the vehicle unlawfully - you forfeit your bank loan, or most of it!!!

Check it out here


We have just received official confirmation that the vehicle is now on board the container ship MSC Loretta - you can see a picture of her on the right. Time of arrival in Capetown is still the 31st of August, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that there are no delays.

Insurance for ourselves and the vehicle are in place (haven't got the policies in our hands yet, but they should be on the way), our "carnet de passage" from England was sent to wrong address and because it is a registered letter it has been difficult to get hold of it - but it should be on its way to Denmark now!!! We haven't really had any better luck with our new navigation unit from Garmin, bought specially for the trip. It stopped working the first time we used it. Sent it to Garmin nearly two weeks ago and still not received it back yet. Great service I don't think!

So you could say, everything organised, but nothing received!

We are relaxed - only13 days left before we leave. Help


Below you can see the route we plan on taking, starting and ending in Cape Town. Allowing a month for each country, we are looking at a years travelling. Obviously some countries such as Swaziland, Lesotho and Rwanda won't require a month, where others will need longer - should work out in the end though!

Things needed on the trip