September/October 2008


The chosen vehicle  



Before embarking on a journey through Europe and on through the African continent, you have to spend a couple of minutes deciding which vehicle you are going to use. (maybe it took a bit more than two minutes) Our choice was a Toyota Hilux double cab 4x4 2.5 ltr diesel. Reliability, comfort, availability of parts, plus ease of maintenance weighed heavily in our choice of a Hilux.

On the left you can see the vehicle in a garage in Wigan, just outside Manchester in England, just before we bought it.




The next step was to get the vehicle back to Denmark where we could spend the next year preparing it for the trip of its and our lives.



We managed to locate a small workshop, thanks to Per, where we could work on the truck during the next few months. 


The 4x4 as it was on arrival in Silkeborg where we live.


New "all terrain" tyres were the order of the day. 


Slowly but surely the "Africa" vehicle begins to take shape.

On the left, the Hilux plastic front is removed and replaced on the right with a steel Bull Bar - watch out elephants!!!





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