What should we rent???

We have now been travelling to Africa for many years and we have gained a bit of experience with the renting of vehicles in Southern Africa, but we have also burnt our fingers in the process. Our original intention was to retain our own vehicle down there, but rules and regulations got in the way and we were forced to sell. Many people today rent vehicles in South Africa and Namibia and spend from two weeks plus touring around.

What should you rent and who from? Firstly you need to decide what type of trip you want to undertake. If it's your first trip to the African continent, then an organised trip with a company is the order of the day. Renting a vehicle for your first African adventure is not recommended. Let experts guide you through your first encounters with the wild life, the climate, the people, the savanna and driving in water and sand. Enjoy it while learning how to get the best out of the beauty and the beast which is Africa. Then you will come back prepared to tackle this fantastic continent on your own.

  Hilux with roof tent
Johannesburg and Windhoek are the two best place to rent vehicles in Southern Africa. Having decided which type of accommodation you prefer (lodges, chalets at camping sites or just camping sites), you have now also decided which type of vehicle you need to rent. If you are more inclined to lodge accommodation or chalets, a Hilux 4x4 with a canopy mounted on the back would be a good choice, so you can tackle most road conditions, and because you don't need camping equipment, the vehicle is cheaper to rent.

If you love to camp as we do, a Hilux with roof tent, or a camper are the order of the day. More expensive yes, but you are not paying lodge or chalet prices when camping. There are many camping sites to be found, and I would recommend getting hold
of a camping guide for the area/land you are touring in. Here you can find all the information about what facilities the camp has/or doesn't have.
Hilux as a camper
  In Windhoek I would recommend Asco car hire www.ascocarhire.com and in Johannesburg Bushlore
There are many companies now renting out vehicles in South Africa and Namibia, and it can be very difficult to decide which company gives you the best deal. Naturally you could go for the cheapest deal, because on face value when checking websites, they offer the same. They don't! As I wrote earlier, we have also rented a "Mondays" vehicle, even with the experience we have.
The two campanies mentioned above are good, and maintain their own vehicles, and Asco's vehicles are no older than 3 years. Back up for these companies in case of an emergency is very good. You are also allowed to cross borders into other African countries. More information will be available from the company you choose.

A touring, or safari holiday in Africa is really something special, and of course needs to be planned, so start by renting the right vehicle, and you holiday is off to good start.
All the camping equipment you need is included in the rental,
so you can really enjoy the camping life.